Composing a Live Dessert

When you make a live dessert, you are the orchestrator of the ingredients. They will dance together, with you, in an alchemical sweet magic. Hold the desired texture in your mind and mouth before you begin. Guide the ingredients to where you want them to go.


Welcome to Livin' Sunshine!

Nature is vibrant, beautiful, intelligent and healthy.  Livin' Sunshine is inspired by nature. Our ingredients are 100% natural and of the earth.  We are a health food business focused on low sugar, low carbohydrates, healthy fat & organics for optimal & vibrant health.

We also place a very special focus on beauty.  Foods from Livin' Sunshine are adorned with fresh edible flowers and feature colors that are very pleasing to the eye... Guaranteed to satisfy!

The Rainbow Cake                                                              

      Autumn Harvest Cake                                                                                                                          

          Raw Cacao Cake
        With Maca Mousse

                                                             Lemon Poppy 
         Seed Cake

From radiant desserts, to savory crackers & spreads, probiotics, delectable fresh soups, amazing salads and bouquets of kale chips, Livin' Sunshine has got you covered.


You can find Livin' Sunshine at the Pukalani Upcountry Farmer's Market, Saturday mornings from 7-11 AM.

You can also contact us and order some fabulous Vibrant, Artisan, Healthfood treats for your next special event.

To learn more about Rainie Sunshine, founder/owner/chef/author at Livin' Sunshine, go to our Our Story page.  Hear how this wonderful food journey began and learn about the guiding philosophies of this family business. 

Life is beautiful and vibrant.  Livin' Sunshine is excited to work with you to bring more vibrancy to your life.